Renewable energy

Unlocking renewable energy growth though energy storage
The current energy grids are not capable of absorbing the production peaks of e.g. offshore wind farms. Moreover, the availability of renewable energy production cannot be managed to match consumption peaks, e.g. in the early evening or when air conditioners start running on hot days.

Nowadays, the energy producers manage peak consumption by keeping idle capacity on stand-by, as a result the total generation capacity is only used a small portion of the time. With an increasing share of renewable resources however, this solution will not be feasible anymore as energy producers could theoretically keep renewable production capacity on stand-by but cannot influence whether wind blows or the sun shines. To ensure a stable management of the future energy grid, energy storage facilities will be required as well as energy “buffers” that are able to absorb very short term and sharp peaks at very high entry and exit power.

A quick rate of charge and discharge will be vital for these “buffer” storage facilities, to deal on the one hand with (unpredictable) production peaks of renewable energy installations and on the other hand with peaking demand. Supercapacitors are ideally suited for this application.

Supercapacitor are already used for the orientation of the pitch control which requires:

  • high power
  • high endurance (life time) in extreme environment.

As shown on the following web sites the total world capacity installed in 2010
is estimated at 200 GW which means about 40 to 50 nuclear plants.

We expect that Energy Caps will be a way to store the green energy at peak production in order to deliver it during peak of energy demand. On the picture on the left, we can see floating wind mill.
A story about offshore wind mill can be found on the following web site:

The following web sites show Wind maps and facts that demonstrate very well that the future of wind energy is offshore.

The only current technical limit to the growth of wind energy is the stability of the network of electricity distribution. The electrical grid will require energy storage capacity to stabilize the electricity distribution network. More explanations about green energy storage are given on the next page.

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